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The WhyWeightDiet program is the quick and easy diet without all the hassles of other weight loss plans. On the WhyWeightDiet our clients have lost up to 40 lbs in 40 days and in some cases more! Not only do they lose the weight, they keep it off!  The WhyWeightDiet is one of the most effective diets on the market today with thousands of slimmer, trimmer, and satisfied customers. 

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NO Injections

NO Prepacked foods

NO Doctors visits

NO Blood work

NO Exercise

NO Excuses!

Our unique formula is taste-free bio-energetically enhanced from pure water based. This enables you to apply 3 different deliveries, all from one product.


Spray in the mouth to correct from the inside out


Spray on a local area to correct from the outside in


Spray in the air and breathe to activate the limbic  system for a deep therapeutic activity


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 Safely lose up to 25 lbs in 30 days!


Thousands have discovered it and have been successful in losing 20, 30, 60 even 200 pounds.  WHY WAIT ANOTHER DAY?…you are only days away from losing the pounds, fat and inches you have always wanted to lose and feeling better than you have ever felt….forever.